Risk Factors and Priorities Perspestives of Palestinian Young People

Development Studies Programme and UNICEF

This study on “risk factors to physical and mental health and well-being, and the priorities of Palestinian youth” was conducted jointly by the United Nations Children’s fund (UNICEF) and the Birzeit University Development Studies Programme. The goal of the study was to encourage and enable the participation of Palestinian youth in assessing their needs and priorities. It focused on contributions by youth in developing policies and programmes targeting the youth sector, with special attention given to identifying needs, and capacity-building for national and local bodies. The study involved interviews with 134 children and youth between the ages of 10 and 22 through a series of focus group discussion in different parts of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, in addition to interviews with specialists from the governmental and NGO sectors. Issues discussed included political participation, economic conditions, health education and family relations. The study is divided into three sections: concept & methodology; a presentation of findings; and conclusion & recommendations.


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