The Global Human Development Report 1998 Palestinian Readings

Development Studies Programme & UNDP/PAPP.

 This is a report of proceedings of a seminar held on November 2, 1998 entitled “The Global Human Development Report 1998: A Palestinian Reading,” sponsored by the Development Studies Programme – Birzeit University and UNDP, to discuss the 1998 UNDP Human Development Report. The 1998 Report focused on commodity consumption and services in rich and poor countries, examining differences in consumption patters. It also focused on the need for public policies to support new patterns of consumption that meet basic needs and reinforce human capacities, without jeopardizing the welfare of others. The Report indicated that despite the historically unprecedented levels of accumulated material wealth, the numbers of homeless, unemployed and hungry people are on the rise, and the gap between rich and poor is increasing on the global level. The report presented suggestions for dealing with problems of poverty and the environment in developing countries. Emphasis was placed upon the importance of reviewing patterns of consumption, steering them towards human development. The study includes a number of papers: “On Excessive Consumption and the 1998 Report,” by Nader Said; “The Human Development Report 1998: A Historical Perspective,” by Timothy Rothermel; “A Review of the Human Development Report: From the Perspective of the Palestinian National Authority,” by Yousef Abu Safiyyeh; “The UNDP Human Development Report 1998: An Analysis of the Performance and Substance,” by Ibrahim Dakkak; and “Poverty and Gender in the Context of the Human Development Report 1998,” by Eileen Kuttab.

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