Survival, Leverage, and Rural Development in Palestine

A Sociological Assessment of Association France Palestine Solidarité’s (AFPS) Support for Farmers in the Jordan Valley and Halhul

Author: Imad Sayrafi

This study is based on empirical research conducted in 2021, focusing on AFPS’ development interventions in the Jordan Valley and Halhul; namely support for date palm cultivation, cooling rooms, and a production line in the Jordan Valley; and support for natural grape juice production in Halhul. It utilizes the case studies to formulate a deeper understanding of the reality of farmers in these areas, how they have interacted with development interventions, and the relevant transformations linked to the settler colonial encounter. The study engages with the discussion of different notions of development, engaging with the discussion on the implications of survival based development within  the settler colonial conditions. Through this research, we hope to contribute to our collective understanding of these themes, to better conceptualize and understand the changing circumstances and challenges of Palestinian development. 

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