Field visits within the courses of the Master’s Program in Community Development – First Semester 2022 -2023

ِAs one of the central aspects of the Master’s Program in Community Development, Birzeit University, is linking theoretical and classroom education with practical and field experience, students have participated in field visits within the course Introduction to Community Development: Theory and Practice course taught by Dr. Imad Sayrafi in the first semester 2022-2023. This included visits to the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees (PARC) and Sharek Youth Forum, in addition to receiving a speaker who was a former participant in the Nabd youth forum . These visits were part of the final exam in the course, where students analyzed these visits in connection with theoretical frameworks in community development. These visits have had a positive impact on the educational experience, which contributes to linking the study materials with different models that can be observed in the Palestinian context.

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