Survey Unit

Since its establishment in 1997, a large portion of the work of the Center for Development Studies has been surveys and public opinion polls. In 2007, as a result of accumulated experiences, the Center established a unit specialized in survey-based research and the implementation of quantitative and qualitative field research. Since then, the Unit has prepared and implemented over 90 field surveys for local and international organizations in which over 150,000 male and female citizens were interviewed. The Unit conducts surveys and carries out field research in all of the geographic areas where the Palestinian people reside, in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, the 48 territories and the diaspora.

The surveys, as well as quantitative and qualitative field research carried out by the Unit, have covered a wide range of issues including; Palestinian national struggle, issues of political economy, social conditions of the Palestinian people, along with targeted topics focusing on youth, women in the labor market, people with disabilities and gender relations and the media.

The Survey Unit has also contributed to the preparation and training of local fieldworks and researchers among partners in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and the 1948 territories, as well as regional partners in Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon, where it has conducted surveys. All of which generated strategic partnerships with grassroots organizations and experts in those areas.

The Unit’s programs and activities are executed by a trained team of fieldworkers that are deployed to the various geographic areas, whose number exceeds 250 men and women field researchers and 10 data entry specialists. They are spread out across the West Bank and the Gaza Strip governorates as well as the 48 territories and the diaspora. These field workers are well trained in scientific research and field survey procedures and methodologies.