Poverty in Palestine Case Studies

Development Studies Programme

This study considers poverty from the perspective of the poor themselves. This kind of research approach corresponds with the concept of human development that encourages the participation of people in defining their own problems. The book offers an analysis of the different aspects of poverty by focusing on the factors that the poor believe produce poverty. It analyzes issues relating to poverty from the point of view of the poor themselves such as unemployment, child labor, and gender differences. It further attempts to find out the opinion of the poor as to what produces poverty in Palestine and ways to eradicate it along with their assessment of their living conditions and their rights and duties in society. The study includes the views of social workers regarding the same issues, looks at their role in dealing with poverty, and assesses the possibilities of advancing a development vision to work with the poor and to help them overcome their condition. The book consists of five chapters. The first chapter is about poverty in Palestine– a conceptual background. The second chapter is about an analysis of poverty from the perspective of the poor, which presents different case studies such as that of a widowed mother, a job seeker, and a mentally ill person. The third chapter is entitled “General Directions”, and it investigates the factors that produce poverty and its various forms, the aid received by the poor, and ways of coping with poverty. The fourth chapter centers on the views of social workers. The last chapter presents some concluding observations.

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