Youth for Change Group Launches Social Media Training Program

Youth for Change group launched a training program on social media via Zoom platform on Tuesday 9/9/2020. The first session was offered by Mr. Ayman Qaroot, a specialist in social media from Headway Academy for Training and Development. The training will provide youth with the skills of dealing with social media that enable them to create and lead electronic campaigns, particularly the campaigns that the group works at, which aim to confront the fragmentation of the Palestinian national identity.
The training program is conducted under the supervision of the Center for Development studies, in partnership with ‘Tawasalo’ youth group and the American Friends Service Committee (Quakers), under the project ‘Palestinian Youth: Together for Change.’ The project gathers a group of young activists from different areas of historical Palestine (West Bank, Gaza, and the 1948 areas), and it aims at resisting the fragmentation in the Palestinian society and enhancing the Palestinian national identity through youth-led events, campaigns and initiatives during the lifetime of the project (three years).  

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