Finished Projects

The Establishment of Agricultural Cooperatives

Supported by GIZ

CDS supports agricultural cooperatives led by youth and women, allowing them to improve their living conditions, and to participate effectively in the socio-economic life in their communities. This comes through creating job opportunities in the agricultural sector that lead to achieving social justice, developing projects in the rural and marginalized areas, and creating self-sufficiency. The project offers job opportunities for fresh graduates and low-income people. It is also considered a main pillar of economic, social and political stability. CDS supported the establishment of two feminine agricultural cooperatives in Rantis and Der al-Sudan areas; the former did a reclamation for an agricultural piece of land, and planted it with 210 grape seedlings; more seedlings will be planted in the coming period. Meanwhile Der alSudan cooperative had prepared the land for farming, and will buy the seedlings in the coming period. 

It is worth mentioning that CDS renovated a water spring in Khallet al-Mayya area, funded by Action Aid Organization. The project was fully implemented by youth from that region under the supervision of the center and other partners. After the renovation, a youth group established an agricultural cooperative around the renovated water spring. 

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