The Palestinian Elections form a Public Opinion Perspective a Quantitative and Qualitative Study in the West Bank and Gaza Strip

Nader Izzat Sa’id and Ayman Abdul-Majid

Given its long experience in public opinion polling, the Development Studies Programme deemed that preparing a comprehensive study on the expecting elections from a Palestinian public opinion perspective is salient. It would make available a scientific database and objective analysis. Also this study would support different parties and institutions working on elections to move forward the Palestinian community and enhance democratic practices. This study aims to;

1- Present a detailed overview about the socio-economic situation in Palestine
2- Present the voters’ views and reasons for participation in the elections.
3- Analyze the different views on elections and candidates.
4- Present a profile for potential voters.
5- Evaluate the knowledge base concerning registration.
6- Evaluate knowledge of election law and system. 
7- Provide Governmental and Non-governmental organizations with data and analysis in relation to elections and recommendations in order to help them develop their performance.

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