The Palestinian Constitution and Human Development research and working papers

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 A manuscript of a book : “The Palestinian Constitution and Human Development” was issued as an outcome of several activities held by the Development Studies Programme in the period between March and September 2003. This book contains the working papers presented for the Palestinian Constitution Project, in addition to several interventions presented by participants during a national Conference. Most of the papers and discussions concentrated on the importance of an informal debate. They also stressed the concept of emancipatory human development that entails the integration between development and resistance; the right to self determination and future generations; and the importance of integration between different factors of economic, social and political development. The book is composed of four sections; 1st section consists of researches and working papers presented during the project; 2nd section, working papers expressing different Palestinian sectors’ expectations towards the Palestinian Constitution; 3rd section presents the working papers expressing the different view points of political parties towards the Palestinian Constitution and their vision towards its articles; 4th section presents recommendations. Meetings and Workshops List ; 1- Preparatory meeting to discuss the project idea / Gaza Strip 2- The role of civil society in drafting the Palestinian constitution / Gaza Strip 3- The role of civil society in drafting the Palestinian constitution / Ramallah 4- Meeting with the Drafting Committee / Ramallah 5- Meetings with the representatives of the political parties and forces / Ramallah and Gaza 6- Meeting with the Legal Committee of the Legislative Council / Ramallah 7- Meeting with representatives of the Palestinian Popular Front / Gaza 8- Meeting with academic and university personalities / Gaza 9- Meeting with the Committee for Monitoring the Constitution formed by civil organizations / Ramallah 10- Meeting with youth follow up committee / Gaza Strip

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