Palestinian Youth: Studies on Identity, Space and Community Participation

The study is an important reference paper on the impact of deterritoralization on
identity under socioeconomic and political cross-generational contexts. It examines
the national, regional, tribal and territorial dimensions of this identity. The
analysis provides a criticism of the political, economic and social reality imposed
by the colonization. Indeed, the study covers different Palestinian communities
(West Bank, Gaza Strip, Palestinian areas occupied in 1948 and the Palestinian
camps in Lebanon). The study provides a holistic reading of the crisis in the Palestinian
national project under the colonial reality and its impacts on identity representations.
It examines identity at generational, sociological and economic levels
to provide a holistic picture of all these components. The study examined several
parameters, focusing on the current political situation and the effects of colonization
on this state. It further analyzes the perspective of political relations among
different Palestinian communities. Moreover, it addressed the issue of communication
among the Palestinians from the perspective of national relations and
alternatives available to overcome the split imposed by the colonization and the
current complex political situation. It then looks into the national and political
relations and the strategies of national conflict. It then concentrates on political
participation, public freedoms, and the current revolt to present a reading of the
reality of fragmentation and how to exit this reality and return to the right track.

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