Palestine – Human Development Report 2002

Ramallah : Birzeit University, Development Studies Programme . 2002

This PHDR covers an important era in the history of the Palestinian people, marked by a radical shift in Palestinian-Israeli relations. From one of the pursuit of peace, the relation has turned to one characterized by the dominance of the Occupier. Meanwhile, Palestinians have paid a high price in many respects, for demanding their rights as stipulated in international agreements. The years 2000-2001 have witnessed a second Palestinian Intifada which has seen public participation in peaceful rallies to armed resistance to the re-occupation of cities and a suffocating siege. This has provided an opportunity to evaluate the years that followed the signing of peace agreements between the Palestinians and the Israelis (1993). The bases on which the peace process was built, the performance of the PNA with regard to its economic and social policies and in the area of institution building all must be assessed. Although the PHDR documents the years 2000 and 2001, its findings also apply to the year 2002. The recommendations within the report—with some modifications are as applicable to various scenarios (e.g., resistance, institution building, state). The report is intended to stimulate a discourse between Palestinian society and the international community with the aim of implementing its recommendations. This report may motivate a reassessment of the Palestinian past, present and future. It will serve to distract attention away from the current dire situation and herald a new era of human rights for Palestinians as demanded by international law, and human principles.

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– Book cover 
– Chapter 1: The Importance of establishing an independent Palestinian state to the achievement of sustainable human development 
– Chapter 2: The human development environment in the west Bank and Gaza Strip 
– Chapter 3: Community participation in local government and development
– Chapter 4: Education and human development 
– Chapter 5: Emancipatory human development: conclusions and future prospects 
– Appendices

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