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Family Life Development Project

Family Life Development Project

Finished Projects


This project was implemented to promote the opportunities of marginalized women and improve their ability to influence issues that concern women and their families. The project was implemented in its first year in the Nablus region, from February to September 2000. During the second year, it was implemented in the Hebron region, from March to October 2001.

Activities of the Project

  • A total of 194 training hours, attended by 23 women trainees in the Nablus region, 39 topics were covered.
  • A total of 183 training hours, attended by 23 women trainees in the Hebron region, covering mostly the same topics.
  • The trainees contributed to the training process by presenting their practical experiences.

Training Topics

  • An introduction to basic communication skills
  • Mother and child health
  • General health-related topics and chronic diseases
  • Primary health care and first aid
  • Psychological problems at adolescence, middle age, and old age and the psychology of women
  • Legislation and women
  • Housekeeping and managing household economy
  • Gender issues
  • Violence against women
  • Marriage of cousins and early marriage
  • Education and work for women
  • Sexual health
  • Environmental issues

“These courses encouraged me to enroll at Al-Quds Open University. They saved me from just sitting at home all day. From now on I will not feel inferior to my husband.”


“This course increased my self-confidence and developed my personality. It made me realize there was so much for me to learn. Now my daughter and I are studying for the Tawjihi exams.”


The Final Report of The Project is Available Through The Following Link 

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