Impacts and Challenges Facing Palestinian Families Regarding Residency in the Palestinian Territory An Exploratory Study with a Gender Perspective

Published by The Palestinian Women Research and Documentation Center/ Prepared by The Center for Development Studies

An exploratory study with gender perspective that highlights problems facing households in general and women in particular as regards the right to citizenship and residency in their own country. The study was designed from a human rights perspective, taking gender into consideration, and building on it the right to citizenship as a fundamental right recognized by the international and human rights conventions. Breaching this right threatens the individual future in all life aspects such as residency, housing, education, work and others. But the most dangerous of breaching this right is its direct impact on household integrity and coherence because deprivation of right to citizenship and its implications may threaten marital life. Therefore, the study assesses the impact of Israeli measures related to residency and family unification and their consequences such as obtaining residency permit, birth certificates, IDs, freedom of movement and access to health and education services. In addition, the study assesses the impact of deprivation of these rights on violence against women and children, which thus will threaten human security of the Palestinian citizens.

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