A Participatory Study from the Perspective of People with Disabilities in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip

Nader I. Said, Ayman Abdulmajaid, Laila Atshan

This study examines the attitudes of the beneficiaries, their behaviour and recommendations on a number of issues concerning their relationship with rehabilitation centres. The viewpoints of the specialized staff at these centres was also taken into account in this analysis. The following issues were addressed: -The pre-rehabilitation stage: including the role of the family in diagnosis and follow-up, methods of locating the most suitable rehabilitation centre, referral services, and the first impressions upon communication. -The rehabilitation stage: in this area, the services available were evaluated, medical, social and psychological programmes, progress achieved and reported, the participation of the disabled and their families in this process, the percentage of those who remained with the programme, the problems faced and the solutions offered. -The follow-up period, the role of rehabilitation in the lives of disabled people and their integration in society. -Suggested methods to improve the relationship between the centre, the disabled and their families. -Conclusions and recommendations. The study was conducted through questionnaires, focal group meetings, literature review, and an expanded workshop in which guidelines were drawn up and recommendations made for the work ahead.

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