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Demand for Mortgages in the Ramalah and Bireh Area An Assessment

Demand for Mortgages in the Ramalah and Bireh Area: An Assessment

Finished Projects


This Project Was Funded By CHF

A survey regarding a project under discussion and planning, it’s goal being solving the problem of residence through the idea of mortgage, where a housing project will be built in the Ramallah area, and there will be a monthly commitment to pay installements until full ownership of the estate through 20-25 years. Such projects will be three story buildings, with each story consisting of 2 flats of 100-160 meter squared. In that context, the survey interviewed 1000 families in rural, and urban areas of Ramallah and el Bireh, and they were asked regarding the following issues:

  • Household demographic indicators (household size, ages, type of household, locality, education levels, etc)
  • The extent of need for housing
  • Types of housing units needed
  • Use/ knowledge of credit and mortgage services
  • Past experiences with mortgage
  • Interest in mortgaging opportunities
  • Income data
  • Capacity to pay
  • Concerns regarding the risks involved with mortgage
  • Views on mortgage (particularly given the unstable political situation)

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