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BBC Media Action Palestinian Territories Tracker Survey

Finished Projects


Done for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

The purpose of the survey is to collect data on the knowledge of Palestinian audiences in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Jordan and Lebanon on debate related programmes. This includes gauging the views of these audiences as well as assessing the impact of  two particular multi-platform factual discussion programmes screened on Palestinian TV. These programmes are part of a BBC Media Action project in the occupied Palestinian territory aimed at facilitating greater transparency in political decision-making, deepening the democratic process and encouraging a culture of transparency and accountability. The two programmes currently broadcast as part of this project are:

  • Aswat Min Filasteen (Voices from Palestine):  co-production between the Palestinian Broadcast Co-operation (PBC) and BBC Arabic; airs quarterly on PBC & BBC Arabic TV and radio.
  • Hur El Kalam (Free to Speak): PBC production; airs in the months around the BBC Arabic co-production on PBC TV and radio.

The assessment focuses on establishing the reach and profile of the audiences of these two programmes; the views of the audiences of the role and impact of these programmes; the extent to which audiences attach importance to these programmes in terms of holding policy makers accountable, and their attitudes towards accountability, as well as the understanding of Palestinians of politics and key governance issues.

The Birzeit University Centre for Development Studies (CDS) together with two partners in Lebanon and Jordan  conducted this impact assessment survey.  

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