(Film) Nothing About Us Without Us (Arabic with English Subtitles, and Sign Language)

Center for Development Studies, Produced by Zamn Press

The film focuses on the experiences of a group of People with Disabiltiies that were disabiltiy activists through the project Empowering People with DIsabilties To Claim Their RIghts and Entitlements which was implemented by The Center for Development Studies (CDS) in Partnership with Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP).

The film focuses on the empowerment of the group and the change that they underwent in order to become active in their communities.

The film allows the group to tell their stories, and how they interacted with their communities in order to create positive change. It is divided into 3 parts; to view the different parts, Click The Following Links:

Part 1 : West Bank

Part 2 : Gaza Strip

Part 3 : Short Clip, What to Say and What Not to Say

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Editorial Board - CDS Birzeit, Palestine

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