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Barriers to the Participation of Women in the Labor Market

Finished Projects


Funded by the YWCA

The project aimed to look into the reasons behind the declining participation of women in the official labor market. This is a problem as the absence of women from the labor market means that half of the society is economically inactive which means that there is a waste of economic potential and a loss for the society as a whole.

After probing the reasons behind the absence of women from the labor market, ti is important to formulate policies that deal with the problem and attempt to find ways to activate the participation fo women in the labor market. Thus, it is important to focus on economic, legal, and social barreirs towards’ women’s participation in the labor market. It is also important to focus on proposals for solving the problem as well.

Women are absent to a large scale from the private sector (small establishments and companies) which is why this sector is targetted in this project, in order to understand the reasons for the lack of participation especially in comparison to neighbouring countries which are socially and culturally similar to Palestine, but have a higher participation rate in the private sector.

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