Arab Human Development Report 2003 – Building a Knowledge Community Palestinian Contributions – A Series of Workshops

Nader Said , ed.

 After the issuing of the second Arab Human Development Report 2003, and starting the work on the Palestinian Human Development Report 2004, the Development Studies Programme held four workshops to discuss the Arab Human Development Report 2003 from a Palestinian perspective, through which working papers were presented from Palestinian intellectuals and researchers. The paper discussed the concept, the theoretical, cultural and socio – economic and political dimensions, the role of civil society, globalization and technology. The published book contains the following papers: 1- The Epistemology of Knowledge and the Arab Human Development Report / Nader Said. 2- The Feasibility of a Knowledge Community in the Arab World / Ghazi Sourani. 3- The Cultural Dimensions of a Knowledge Community / AbdelKarim Barghouthi. 4- The Economics of a Knowledge Community / Samir Abu Znied. 5- The Political Limitations of a Knowledge Community / Basem Zbeidi. 6- Knowledge and Technology / Sharif Abu-Karsh. 7- Knowledge and Education (a Focus of Pre-School)/ Sami Kilani. 8- Towards a Knowledge Community in Palestine / Ramzi Rihan.

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