Finished Projects

Access of Females with Disabilities (FWD) To Rights Organizations and the Justice Sector

Finished Projects


Funded by the Open Society Foundation

The project focuses on the reality of Females with Disability and their interaction with rights organizations and the justice sector. The project carries out an assessment and an awareness raising role, through meetings with Human Rights Organizations, Women Organizations, Disability Organizations, the Police, and the Justice Sector, and evaluates their current services in relation to disability, and forms recommendation to improve the relationship and access. Furthermore the project carries out a survey targetting FWD in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Palestinian Refugee Camps in Lebanon to evaluate organizations services and the reality of females with disability. Furthermore, the project also incorporates focus groups and qualitative data in analysing the reality of FWD in relation to rights organizations and the justice sector.

The project produced 2 studies which are available for dowload in the publications section of the website.

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