Non-Governmental Organizations in Palestinian Refugee Camps in Jordan

Ibrahim Mhanna, Nader Said, Haitham Hourani, Ayman Abdelmajeed

This study evaluates the work of NGO (and quasi-NGO) institutions inside Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan. It examines the relationship between different institutional structures and living conditions, and compares how far available resources are matched to developmental responsibilities and priorities, and to the needs of the camp residents. Attention is devoted to funding problems of NGOs, the relationship within the NGO community operating inside the camps, the relationship with other NGOs active in Jordan and with international organizations, and to identifying methods for improved performance of these institutions. Issues addressed include: the emergence and development of NGOs, their operations and effectiveness, how far they achieve their objectives, their relationship with the grassroots, organizational and administrative structures, and their role among marginalized groups. The last chapter of the study presents conclusions and recommendations.

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