Lectures in Development and Resistance

Ghazi Surani, Development Studies Programme

This book contains a collection of articles and interventions, that analyses the Palestinian sufferings deeply. Also it contains descriptive and analytical solutions for developmental issues indicating the Palestinian situation through statistics, and official data, treatment solutions for thinking parties that link between the separating aspects between development and resistance. Some articles are about the role of Palestinian women, and the political parties. It examines the recent Palestinian economic situation between market, authority and Israeli procedures, and it presents recommendations for this case, also it links between the Palestinian situation and international under the globalization era and after the incidents of September 11th in the USA. This book contains five lectures as follows; 1- The Palestinian society in al-Aqsa uprising : monitoring the present situation and orienting the future. 2- Development and resistance between contradiction and the perfection. 3- The role of Palestinian women in the new and contemporary history. 4- The role of political parties and the Palestinian people in confronting present and future challenges. 5- The Palestinian situation under the 2nd uprising within the international relations : prospective after September 11th . 6- The recent Palestinian economic situation : future prospective. 7- Globalization : the nature of political – economic – and social crisis in the Arab world and future prospective.

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