Invitation: A Reading in The State of Agricultural Commodity Markets Report 2020; Agricultural Markets and Sustainable Development: Global Value Chains, Smallholder Farmers and Digital Innovations

The third lecture will host Dr. George Rapsomanikis, in charge of the report preparation team and the report’s editor. He has various research publications and contributions to several books focusing on the contribution of trade and markets to food security, agricultural development and economic growth, and provides support to the G20 and G7 countries in their discussions on global agriculture and food security.

This will be on Thursday, December 10, 2020, at 6:00 pm Palestine time, via Zoom.

The lecture is facilitated by : Dr. Fathi Masrouji, Assistant professor departmant of Economics ,
Birzeit University .

Note: The meeting will be in English

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This lecture aims to contribute to shedding light on the role of markets in the development process focusing on The State of Agricultural Commodity Markets Report 2020 which explores the evolution of trade and markets, looking at their role in growth and sustainable development, and specifically at the emergence of global value chains in food and agriculture, the extent to which smallholder farmers in developing countries participate in value chains, and the transformative impacts of digital technology on the market.

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