Economic Policies and Human Development in Palestine 1994-1999

Development Studies Programme

This study includes a set of papers prepared by well-known Palestinian researchers Mohamad Nasr, Bassem Makhoul, Omar Abdul-Razzeq, Salah Abdul-Shafi and Mahmoud Jaafari, covering human development-related economic subjects in the Palestinian context. There are two main themes that run through these studies. The first theme is the relationship between economic growth and development in Palestine, with a focus on investment and employment. The second theme is the role of the public sector in the development process, and policies that can be implemented to improve the performance of this sector, either directly or through partnership with the private sector. The first chapter in this study presents a theoretical conceptual introduction to the concept of human development. The second chapter analyzes the relation between growth and employment, with a focus on the broader concept of development. The third chapter addresses human development from the perspective of its relation to investment, with a focus on the case of Palestine, especially in the wake of the Oslo Agreement. As for chapter four, it examines the relation between economic policies and sustainable human development, and the important role of the state in this area. Chapter five presents an analysis of the role of the public and private sectors and the relation between them, stressing the role of both sectors in the development process. Chapter six explores economic policies for development. In this chapter, the researchers offer recommendations and visions on bolstering economic growth by linking it to human development.

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