Finished Projects

Conflict, participation, and Development in Palestine

In cooperation with the University of Vienna. Funded by The Austrian Partnership Programme in Higher Education and Research for Development (APPEAR)

The project is based on two main components:

(1) Capacity building in the area of development studies and research and

(2) The enlargement of knowledge on development issues, theories, and practices.

First, capacity building is achieved in development studies, methodologies and research methods relating to development issues through

(1) the training of a new cadre of fieldworkers for the CDS by experienced fieldworkers, and

(2) the development of a handbook on research methods based on CDS fieldworkers’ reflections and discussions and their experiences concerning the bridging of research theory and practice.

Second, the enlargement of knowledge on development issues in the South generally and Palestine specifically will be achieved through the creation of a research cluster on Conflict and Development (CD) at the DDS.

Both components of the cooperation, enlargement of knowledge on development issues as well as capacity building, are combined systematically in two ways: through

(1) an exchange programme between Birzeit academics, CDS fieldworkers and DDS faculty members and students in Birzeit and Vienna and through

(2) the introduction of the handbook on research methods into use by university departments.

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