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A study of reading habits in Palestinian society

A study of reading habits in Palestinian society

Finished Projects


For Tamer Institute for Community Education

Aims and Objectives

The study aims to investigate reading habits for children aged 10-18 in the Palestinian territories. This study comes at a time where indicators show a decrease in reading in general; particularly due to more diverse choices for spending spare time, such as using the internet and watching television.

The study uses a methodology that combines the analysis of quantitative and qualitative data. A quantitative survey will be carried out, focusing on children’s attitudes towards reading, encouraging and discouraging factors that affect their  reading habits in their family context. Furthermore, a survey with the families of the children would be carried out, In order to probe the family’s conditions and attitudes towards reading; due to the family being an important actor in a child’s life, making decisions based on its attitudes and beliefs.

The study is also interested in the role of the different institutions in the lives of the children; including the family, school, and community institutions. This reality creates for the children a space to practice their activities and use their spare time within the environment that dominates their life styles. The different roles and attitudes of the related parties would be analysed through case studies and focus groups, aiming to ad depth and analysis to the survey results.

In addition, it is important to note that this project is carried out for Tamer Institute for Community Education, and is funded by it as well.

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