Opinion Leaders’ Survey #30

Opinion Leaders’ Survey

Final Status Issues: Boarders, Refugees, Jerusalem, Water

Political System and Democracy

Social and Economic Attitudes

Expectations and Priorities

 28 February 2007

Dates of fieldwork: 12-18 February 2007 

Sample size: 520 Public Opinion Leaders (West Bank and Gaza Strip)

*         For further information or inquiries, contact team coordinator Dr. Nader Said (059-9204527); Polling coordinator Ayman Abdul Majeed; or Wasim Abu Fasheh,  researcher, at the listed address or through our e-mail (dsp@birzeit.edu).

*         Supported by the International Republican Institute (IRI).

 Contact Info:

 Ramallah Office:
Irsal Str. opposite Khalid Hospital 
Tel : 970 (2) 2959250

       970 (2)  2958116 
Fax : 970(2) 2958117 
P.O. Box 1878 
Ramallah, Palestine

Gaza Office:
Sa’ad Ibn Al-‘As Str. 
Ni’mah Commercial Center, 1st fl., office no. 104 
Telefax: 970 (8) 2838884 
Gaza, Palestine

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